Is leadership overrated? Do you have a culture that reinforces your mission? Chris Mefford and Kyle Buckett join Kevin to discuss topics such as, moving from unhealthy workplace cultures to empowering teams to thrive. They bring a unique perspective on leadership, drawing from their experiences as Navy SEALs and successful business leaders. Too often, a leader fears becoming irrelevant and losing their job. However, true empowerment involves trusting team members to make decisions.

Listen for...

00:00 Introduction
00:33 The Team-Centric Approach
01:21 Introduction to Guests and Their Book
04:02 Identifying Broken Leadership Development Systems
05:18 Translating Military Experience to Business
08:08 Unhealthy Cultures and Lack of Appreciation
09:42 Lack of Appreciation as the Top Issue
11:56 Culture's Role Beyond Perks
15:03 The Three Phases of Culture: Define, Develop, Sustain
17:13 Hiring for Culture Improvement
18:17 Embracing Hiring People Smarter
19:32 Focusing on the Team Over Individual Leadership
20:00 Culture's Impact on Revenue and Finances
21:38 Self-Led Teams: What It Means
25:39 Achievements of Empowered Teams
27:06 Training the Next Leader in the Military
29:55 Empowering Leaders in Corporate America
30:20 Overcoming the Fear of Being Replaced
35:54 Where to Learn More and Get the Book
38:04 Closing

Meet Chris

  • Name: Chris Mefford
  • His Story: Chris Mefford is a seasoned, award-winning business executive with over twenty years of experience in leadership and marketing. Mefford has been a Vice President of the Dave Ramsey Organization and co-founded and runs Culture Force, a consulting firm that promotes intense coaching and training programs to help companies grow and evolve their cultures.

Meet Kyle

  • Name: Kyle Buckett
  • His Story: Kyle Buckett is a retired US Navy SEAL and led the advanced training for both junior and seasoned Navy SEALs. He has scaled numerous companies and has been instrumental in the business development of numerous Navy SEAL–founded businesses. He runs Culture Force, a consulting company, with Chris and is also regularly involved in multiple charities supporting veterans from the special forces communities.

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