Do you feel like you fit in at your workplace? Research shows that one out of three new hires will quit within 90 days, 53% of people who have been with a company for half a year are still searching for a new job, and 75% of people experience anxiety before the work week begins. André Martin joins Kevin to explore the importance of having an authentic connection to your everyday work both from a personal and organizational perspective. They talk about the concept of fit, the trends in the world of work, and the connection between fit and belonging. They share insights for leaders on how to create a culture of fit and re-recruit their teams. Additionally, they discuss the role of fit in individual career development and offer advice for job seekers.

Listen for...

00:00 Introduction
02:09 "Wrong Fit. Right Fit" Overview
04:55 Concept of Fit in the Workplace
06:45 Defining Authentic Connection in Fit
07:49 Work Methods in Organizations
08:19 Culture vs. Day-to-Day Work
09:01 Understanding Work Differences
09:19 Matching Individual Preferences
10:25 Leadership in Crisis
12:13 Brand and Work Principles
13:38 Location Strategy in Decision Making
14:04 Finding Organizational Solutions
15:37 Personal Work Preferences
16:05 Fit and Belonging
17:23 The Need to Fit In
18:01 Holistic View of Fit and Belonging
18:47 Employee Engagement Challenges
19:14 Recruiting Talent: Leadership’s Role
20:34 Organizational and Leadership Perspectives on Fit
21:38 Mismatched Expectations
22:11 Recruiting in the Digital Age
23:20 Essential Leadership Questions
24:15 Leadership and Career Development Focus
24:53 Self-Reflection in Job Searching
25:57 Career Clarity Tools
26:46 Comfort vs. Boredom in Careers
28:03 Comfort as a Foundation
28:27 Personal Hobbies
29:02 Book Recommendations
30:16 Resources and Actions Steps

Meet André

Andre Martin
  • Name: André Martin
  • His Story: André Martin, PhD, is the author of Wrong Fit, Right Fit – Why How we Work Matters More Than Ever. He is an entrepreneur, operating advisor, board member, organizational psychologist, and coach to top founders and c-suite executives. He has held key C-level leadership roles dedicated to talent, employee engagement, leadership development and culture in some of the biggest consumer brands including Disney, Mars Incorporated, Nike, Target, and Google. Early in his career, he was an enterprise faculty member and senior researcher at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), one of the top executive development firms in the world.
    When he isn’t helping companies grow, Andre is a guest lecturer at top universities and coveted speaker on culture, engagement, design thinking and innovation, a committed husband and father of two wonderful children, an owner of a sustainable mushroom farm in the Ozark Mountains and can otherwise be found hiking the rain-soaked trails around Portland with his two English labs (Bode and the Fonz).

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