Communication. So important in our lives, both professionally and personally. So complex, not only with all the platforms on which communication is possible but even more so as we are doing more “remote” communication. Katie McCleary shares with Kevin that we need to show up with the intent to listen. We need to move past asking “why are you doing this” to “tell me about how you are doing this”. We can’t force collaboration, so to keep moving forward we need to get curious.

Key Points

  • In this episode, Katie discusses clean and curious listening. 
  • She shares what it means to empty the human cup. 
  • She talks about listening for energy words.

Meet Katie

Katie McCleary Thumbnail
  • Name: Katie McCleary 
  • Her Story: Katie McCleary is the co-author (with Jennifer Edwards) of Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative. She is also the founder of 916 Ink, a nonprofit that has transformed over 4,000 vulnerable youth into confident authors.
  • Worth Mentioning: In 2015, named Katie one of 15 "Real Miss America's" in the nation for her work with vulnerable populations. In 2017, she won the Heart of a Hero award from PBS: KVIE’s Rob on the Road Heroes & Helping Hands show. In 2018, she launched The Drive podcast, a collaboration between the American Leadership Forum and Capital Public Radio (Sacramento's NPR affiliate).
Quote Image from Katie McCleary: It's not about swapping war stories. It’s about listening and being with. That’s it. Just be with people. (17:38)

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