Often, we see grit as something hard-nosed. However, Darrin Gray believes our grit should be fueled by joy. Darrin serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Athletes in Action and leads AIA’s NFL Advisory Council. He started in the newspaper business, where he felt he was creating a community. He has carried this idea of community and building a team throughout his career. A winning team isn’t about themselves but is a coalition of the willing. These are individuals who not only want to become better (players, leaders, parents) but are willing to help each other build the best version of themselves. Leaders not only need self-awareness, but a mindset and heartset to meet people where they are.

In this episode, Darrin shares:

  1. What we can learn from top leaders/athletes
  2. Success to significance
  3. Moving to a team in an individual culture

Quote Image: The relationships matter.

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