To improve your leadership skills, it is important to remember that your talent, skills, and drive are not enough on their own. Dan Rockwell joins Kevin to discuss the inner journey to leadership. Dan highlights the importance of self-awareness, self-improvement, and knowing oneself to be a successful leader. To become a better leader, you should focus on developing your inner journey and being true to yourself, while also avoiding using this as an excuse for entitlement or lack of growth.

Listen for...

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 09:29 Why Talent Alone Won't Make You a Leader
  • 09:47 The Downside of Success: Leaders Who Lose Themselves
  • 10:20 Beyond Meetings: What Real Leadership Looks Like
  • 11:20 The Importance of Self-Identity in Leadership
  • 15:18 No Excuses: The Limits of Identity-Based Leadership
  • 16:08 Aim for Leadership Excellence, Not Just Being Yourself
  • 18:09 Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors in Leadership
  • 19:00 Meet Bob: A Case Study in Healthcare Leadership
  • 20:00 Unveiling Blindspots Through Self-Reflection
  • 23:20 The Impact of Your Actions on Others
  • 25:31 The Role of Continuous Learning in Leadership
  • 28:41 How Organizations Can Foster Inner Growth in Leaders
  • 29:08 Building a Culture of Team-Wide Self-Reflection
  • 30:04 Keeping Tabs on Team Energy and Inspiration
  • 30:44 Leadership Starts at the Top: Setting the Example

  • Meet Dan

    • Name: Dan Rockwell
    • His Story: Dan Rockwell is the coauthor of The Vagrant: The Inner Journey of Leadership. He is also the author of the highly recognized Leadership Freak Blog, which, according to the Center for Management and Organization
      , is the most socially shared leadership blog on the Internet. He had his first leadership position in the non-profit world at the age of nineteen. Since then, he earned an MBA and undergraduate degrees in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, and Construction and Design. His concise and practical articles are read in every country on the planet. Inc. Magazine recognized Dan as a Top 50 Leadership Expert in the English-speaking World and a Top 100 Speaker. The American Management Association lists Dan as a Top 30 Leader in Business.
    Quote image: Self-reflection done in isolation leads to self-deception. said Dan Rockwell

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