We are born self-confident. By the time we hit our teen years, that self-confidence dwindles. Lisa Sun suggests confidence is a mindset and we get to choose to be confident. Lisa joins Kevin to discuss the concept of gravitas and confidence. She realized that gravitas is about believing in yourself on the inside before projecting it outward. Lisa also shares the eight forms of confidence that she discovered through research and surveys and recognizes that all eight forms are valid, and each person's confidence language is unique. Leaders need to replace vague advice like "be more confident" with specific conversations about strengths and provide feedback that acknowledges individual strengths and why they believe in team members.

Listen for...

00:00 Introduction
02:32 Lisa Sun: The Birth of Gravitas
05:17 Internal Belief: The Heart of Gravitas
06:14 From Self-Consciousness to Bursting Confidence
07:41 Reimagining Confidence: A Choice and Mindset
08:56 Western Bias in Confidence Perception
09:47 Dale Carnegie's Mark on Lisa's Confidence Viewpoint
10:12 The Call to Redefine Gravitas
11:14 Kevin Eikenberry on Gravitas-Confidence Nexus
11:51 Lisa's Three C's: Courage, Compassion, Connection
12:14 Exploring the Eight Variants of Confidence
16:05 The Power of Creation in Confidence
17:07 The Imperative of Self-Driven Confidence
18:14 Revolutionizing Confidence Conversations
18:41 Book Insights: A Holistic Take on Confidence
19:41 The Female Superpower: Achievement & Knowledge
20:32 Elevating EQ in Societal Conversations
21:30 Rethinking Team Views on Confidence
22:18 Navigating the Dual Sides of Strengths
23:13 Evolving Leadership with Time
24:20 Crafting Your Personal Confidence Lexicon
25:01 Boosting Self-awareness with a Confidence Quiz
25:35 Universal Confidence Language: A Mindset and Choice
27:00 Bridging the Women's Confidence Divide
28:34 Feedback Pitfalls: The Vague Confidence Directive
29:15 Leadership 101: Dimensional Feedback
29:41 Ease Your Level-Up Moments
31:19 Lisa's Fun Side: Art & Dance
33:06 Reading Corner: "Asian-American Dreams"
34:25 Discovering More About Lisa
35:45 Putting Today's Insights into Action
36:07 Closing

Meet Lisa

Lisa Sun
  • Name: Lisa Sun
  • Her Story: Lisa Sun is the author of Gravitas: The 8 Strengths the Redefine Confidence. She is the founder and CEO of GRAVITAS, a company on a mission to catalyze confidence. GRAVITAS offers innovative size-inclusive apparel, styling solutions, and content designed to make over women from the inside out. Prior to founding GRAVITAS, Sun spent 11 years at McKinsey & Company, where she advised leading luxury fashion and beauty brands and retailers in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America on strategic and operational issues. Her first collection was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, People, and The Today show in the same month. Sun and GRAVITAS have been featured on CNN and in Forbes, Fast Company, New York magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, and more. GRAVITAS includes among its activities a commitment to AAPI causes and New York City’s Garment District. Often called the “dress whisperer,” Lisa is also a highly sought-after public speaker who likes to impart her hard-won knowledge on gravitas and how to best harness it to other women.

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