Fear, uncertainty, and doubts (FUD). We have all experienced these to some extent; we are only human. Brendan P. Keegan joins Kevin to discuss how these impact behavior and leadership. He tells us that humans are born fearless, but external factors and experiences lead to the development of fears over time. Leaders may inadvertently instill fear into their teams, and the language we use is important. For example, start with a question, not a statement. Brendan suggests we become a fearless leader who embraces uncertainty and is willing to take risks. When we fail, we should foster a culture of open communication and learn from our mistakes.

Listen for...

00:00:34 - Introduction to the podcast and guest Brendan Keegan

00:01:23 - Today's episode brought to you by the book "The Long Distance Team"

00:02:21 - Introduction of guest Brendan Keegan, author of "The Third Factor"

00:05:00 - Definition of "FUD" - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

00:08:52 - Why write about overcoming FUD as it relates to leadership?

00:13:37 - Becoming a fearless leader - why is this important?

00:18:58 - How to coach leaders to embrace failure as learning

00:21:54 - If you're an innovative leader but your team isn't ready, consider switching teams

00:25:27 - Learn more from failures than successes - do an honest debrief

00:28:10 - This year's company theme is "Endurance" - sustaining excellence long-term

00:29:48 - Biggest leadership lesson - the importance of "IQ" - awareness of yourself and others

00:35:49 - Call to action - what idea will you apply from this episode?

Meet Brendan

Brendan Keegan
  • Name: Brendan P. Keegan
  • Brendan's Story: Brendan P. Keegan is the author of three books, including his newest, The FUD Factor: Overcoming Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt to Achieve the Impossible. He is chairman, CEO, and president of the board for Merchants Fleet, the fastest-growing fleet technology company in North America. He also has contributed more than 200 articles to Fast Company, Inc. Media, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, Fox Business, and Harvard Business Review. During Keegan’s time at Merchants Fleet, the company has been named a two-time Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company, Deloitte Best Managed Company, and a Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Company.

This episode is brought to you by...

The Long-Distance Team. Remote leadership experts, Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel, help leaders navigate the new world of remote and hybrid teams to design the culture they desire for their teams and organizations in their new book!

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