Do you have a crystal ball to show you the future? I’m going to guess the answer is no. Yet, according to Margaret Heffernan, we think the future is hiding just behind the curtain, like in the Wizard of Oz. However, if you peek, there is nothing behind the curtain. The future is unknowable. Margaret is the author of Uncharted – How to Navigate the Future. Given that we can’t know what is going to happen, she and Kevin discuss how we can be open to the fact we cannot predict the future. Data can only take us so far, and that is not who we are. Goals can be good, and we need to be careful not to turn them into a step by step process, which can narrow our focus. We can use goals to make us more observant and look for the opportunities to give us the future we want.

In this episode, Margaret talks about:

  1. Whether history repeats itself.
  2. Accepting uncertainty.
  3. Goal setting.
  4. What leaders can do to prepare for the future.

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