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Helping Your Colleagues and Employees Up Their Game with Howie Jacobson



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Have you thought about changing people? Maybe, the way they hand in reports. Maybe, it’s the way they show up for a meeting. Now the question becomes, can you change people? That isn’t so easy to answer and definitely isn’t easy to do. Howie Jacobson joins Kevin to discuss resistance to change. He says change is just a discontinuity of the past. The hard part is the change we can’t control. He talks about the powers we need to activate and to remember it’s not about us.

Key Points

  • Howie discusses why people resist change.
  • He shares 4 powers to help change, which include:
    1. Ownership
    2. Independent capability
    3. Emotional courage
    4. Future proofing
  • He talks about the 4 steps to help others get to change.

Meet Howie

Howie Jacobson
  • Name: Howie Jacobson
  • His Story: Howie Jacobson is the co-author, with Peter Bregman, of You Can Change Other People: The Four Steps to Help Your Colleagues, Employees—Even Family—Up Their Game. He is an executive coach to clients ranging from startup founders to established and rising Fortune 100 leaders. He is Director of Coaching at Bregman Partners, and Head Coach at the Healthy Minds Initiative.
  • Worth Mentioning: Howie hosts the Plant Yourself Podcast, where he interviews remarkable people engaged in healing at the individual, institutional, and planetary level. Howie earned his M.P.H. and Ph.D. in Health Studies from Temple University and his B.A. from Princeton University. He lives in rural North Carolina with his wife, where he writes, gardens, plays Ultimate Frisbee, runs, fiddles, and loads the dishwasher correctly.


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