Ping-pong tables, free-lunch Friday, or another amenity are just things. Things are not culture. Culture is how you show up. Shaara Roman joins Kevin to discuss building a conscious workplace. Often, there is a disconnect between what we say our culture is and what we see, feel, and hear in the hallways (virtual or physical). When you are conscious of your culture, you know and live your values. You know what differentiates you from the competitors. You know how to hold people accountable. When we know our purpose, we can drive profits.

Key Points

  • Shaara Roman defines a conscious workplace. 
  • She explains why culture matters. 
  • She shares four types of culture: 1. Good Ole’ Boy 2. Get on Board 3. Nice 4. Belonging.

Meet Shaara

  • Name: Shaara Roman
  • Her Story: Shaara is the author of The Conscious Workplace: Fortify Your Culture to Thrive in Any Crisis, and the founder and CEO of The Silverene Group, a culture consulting firm that aligns people, strategy, and culture to optimize organizational performance. In 2023, The Silverene Group ranked No. 71 on Inc. Magazine's List of the Mid-Atlantic Region's Fastest-Growing Private Companies.
  • Worth Mentioning: Shaara has been featured in and contributed to numerous publications including SHRM, CEOWorld Magazine, HR Executive, Communications Intelligence Magazine, and, and is a frequent guest on top HR podcasts. Born in India, schooled in Nigeria and England, and having lived in Greece before coming to the US, Shaara uses her global experience as the foundation for her distinctive expertise in crafting strategies to improve culture, workforce quality, and operations across a multitude of disciplines in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She received an MBA from Georgetown University, where she is also an adjunct professor
Quote: Culture is your foundation, it’s your glue, it’s sort of what brings your strategy to life. Said by Shaara Roman on The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

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