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Episode 6: Sales Leadership Solutions with Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders | The Remarkable Leadership Podcast



The Remarkable Leadership Podcast - Episode 6: Sales Leadership Solutions with Tim SandersIn this episode, I’m talking with Tim Sanders, former Yahoo CSO about building repeatable, scalable processes you can use to boost cohesion with your team. Tim is the author of Dealstorming, and is a veteran in the B2B sales world. We’re digging into sales and leadership in today’s episode and you won’t want to miss a minute of our conversation.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why being hard on ideas and soft on people is a winning strategy
  • How to fix brainstorming and make it effective for you and your team
  • New strategies for leading people across generations

“A deal done is 100 problems solved.”
– Tim Sanders

Remarkable Dialogue

We get the most from any learning experience when we are engaged, asking questions and participating. Let’s get the conversation started with a question:

What would happen if you applied 100% of your efforts to one big idea?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

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