New customers are great, and to keep them we need to nurture the relationship and build trust. Jason Young tells Kevin that most decisions are based on emotion. So, to continue the relationship, it’s important to understand how the guest feels. This is true for both external customers and our teams. It’s easy to give a job title or description. It is more difficult to build the culture you want, so you need to be intentional and work together.

Key Points

  • Jason Young describes a guest and the connection to hospitality. 
  • He discusses the importance of moving beyond demographics and looking at psychographics. 
  • He shares a few practices that create lifelong customers, including knowing the guest, focusing on feeling as much as function, and focusing on the culture, not the job.

Meet Jason

  • Name: Dr. Jason Young 
  • His Story: Jason Young is the co-author of The Come Back Culture: 10 Business Practices That Create Lifelong Customers with Jonathan Malm. He is also the co-author of The Come Back Effect, The Volunteer Effect, and The Volunteer Survival Guide. He is a nationally recognized guest experience consultant and leadership guide as well as a keynote speaker and university professor.
  • Worth Mentioning: Jason has a doctoral degree in hospitality and working on his Ph. D. in leadership trauma. Through experience, research, and education he has developed strategies to help people understand people. He has helped brands including Delta Airlines, Gorilla Glue, Ford Motor Company, and FedEx Ground.

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