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The Laws of Trust with Joel Peterson – #190

We currently live in a low trust culture. And we know trust is important for leaders, in good times and in times of stress, disruption, and turn-around. Kevin is joined by Joel Peterson, Chairman of JetBlue Airways, Founding Partner of Peterson Partners, and author of The 10 Laws of Trust. Joel shares some of those […]

Being the Leader You Want to Be with Amy Jen Su – #189

You know those good days. You wake up energized and confident. You cross stuff off your list, have productive meetings, make good decisions. In short, you are your best self. The question becomes how do you bring your best self every day? Amy Jen Su is the author of The Leader You Want to Be: […]

Finding and Leading the Talent You Need with Micah Rowland – #188

According to Micah Rowland, success starts with your people. As COO of Fountain, a software company that sources, screens, and onboards workers. Micah is a builder of teams, processes, and people. He joins Kevin to discuss hiring and retaining talent. To get the best from your team, they need to feel secure and understand failure […]