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Creating Radical Outcomes with Juliana Stancampiano – #154

Most organizations jump right in with the design of a product/content…often missing the WHY. Kevin sits down with Juliana Stancampiano, CEO of Oxygen and author of Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results. Kevin and Juliana discuss education in the workplace. They believe that in order to achieve great results, you […]

Scaling Leadership with Robert J. Anderson – #153

Leadership can be defined at multiple levels and can be scaled up and down. Bob Anderson is the co-author of Mastering Leadership and his new book, Scaling Leadership. He joins Kevin to talk about the research and findings which led to the latest book. Using a database of senior leaders providing 360-degree written feedback to […]

Crucible Leadership with Warwick Fairfax – #152

There are mistakes and there is epic failure. Warwick Fairfax identifies with the latter and joins Kevin to discuss leadership and moving beyond failure. Warwick is a leadership advisor and founded Crucible Leadership from his own experience of “one of the most spectacular business failures in the history of his home nation of Australia.” First […]